170+ Free Games for your BlackBerry

Posted by Cooper on January 17, 2008

We all know that the BlackBerry is an incredible device which allows us to keep up with the flood of email which bombards us on a daily basis. This is the primary reason the BlackBerry has become the go to communications device for the business professional.

That being said; however, the BlackBerry also has the potential to keep you entertained during your downtime as well. In previous articles, BBGeeks has shown you how to get all the latest television shows onto your BlackBerry the morning after they air on the major networks and how to set up RSS reading for offline situations. The next logical step is gaming.

Most of us will have fond memories of playing classic video games like PacMan or Missile Command and would jump at the chance to play these games on your BlackBerry. If you were not swept up in the video game culture, chances are you have a favorite card game that you would enjoy playing on your BlackBerry during that four hour sales meeting next Tuesday.

In the interest of providing our readers with an equal balance of BlackBerry knowledge and BlackBerry fun, we now present to you:

170+ Free Games for your BlackBerry
Use these quick links to jump to your chosen genre

Action Games | Adventure Games | Puzzle Games | Strategy Games | Card Games | Sudoku Games | Tetris Clones | Trivia Games | B&W Games | Mini Games and More
Make sure you bookmark this list and check back often because I will be updating as I discover more and more free games for your BlackBerry. If you know of any games that I have missed, please feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will add them to the list.

Our favorite 15

A direct port of the classic game Asteroids for your BlackBerry. This one is played exactly like the original. Blast the asteroids and avoid UFO attacks.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/asteroids-1839.html

This version of chess plays exactly like the classic game we are all used to, but brings in an added level of competition. Play for free against a computer or a real opponent. Also chat and upload your avatar among other added features.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/chess-1878.html

Dope Wars ZX
A clone of Dope Wars for your BlackBerry. Buy low and sell high, become the biggest dope dealer in BlackBerry history.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/dope-wars-zx-1240.html

Fear Of The Dark
This game revolves around a captured princess being held by an army of dark creatures. The Princess needs your help. As a prince you must explore huge worlds in order to rescue her. Make sure and avoid the traps and kill all the monsters (Zombies, Werewolves, Death and Phalanx among others).

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/fear-of-the-dark-1700.html

Future Force is back! This time with meaner bad guys, bigger ships, plenty of upgrades and many more levels. Fight intelligent enemies alongside your allies.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/futureforceredux-1288.html

RimMario is a clone of the original Super Mario Brothers for NES. How cool is that? The scroll wheel moves Mario left and right. Click the wheel to make Mario jump.

Download Link |http://messaging.newmobilemedia.com/…/RimMario.zip

Trackball Pacman for 8xxx BlackBerry
This Pacman game was specially written for the Pearl and other 8xxx series to take advantage of the trackball and MP3 sounds.

Download Link |http://www.bennychow.com/blackberry.shtml

Rubix Redux
Just like Rubik’s Cube, the objective here is to shift the visible matrix up or down, left or right until all the rows and columns contain matching colors. A save game feature is available so you can pick up and play from where you last left your game.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/rubix-redux-1915.html

In RUSK you will be defending an occupied confederation by attempting to destroy the enemy powerhouses. Keep an eye on your radar screen so the bad guys don’t surprise you. With 15 different challenging levels of space labyrinth action RUSK should keep you busy for quite a while.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/rusk-1713.html

Shark Attack
A classic button masher, that has you hunting Sharks left and right. Stop as many sharks as possible by identifying the number above their heads and pressing the corresponding button on your BlackBerry keypad.

Features four player turn based play and high score tracking.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/shark-attack-2443.html

Space Invaders
This one is a classic. Play the original Space Invaders on your BlackBerry and keep track of your score for classic bragging rights.

Download Link |http://blackberryfreeware.com/images_games/space_invaders.zip

In this game you are a taxi driver moving around a city to pick up and deliver passengers. Other goals include squishing pedestrians and racing through checkpoints. Each successful mission will earn you cash to buy new taxis (7 types available). With 3 different cities and 20 levels each, there is quite a bit to explore.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/taxi-1846.html

Tiny Ninja: Ninja in Training
Help the Tiny Ninja become a true Ninja Master. With levels that get get tougher as you go along, this game poses a fun challenge. Perform the Chuunin, Jounin and Kage trials to become a real Ninja.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/tinyninja-2418.html

TomcatDogfight allows you to use machine guns and sidewinder rockets to hunt down and shoot enemy planes from the sky. Remember to keep an eye on your tail because you are not the only hunter in the sky. Pass the level by downing a specified number of enemy planes or by surviving long enough.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/tomcatdogfight-1900.html

Zelda (beta 3) (http://zeldamobile.gorthwogh.net/)
This is classic Zelda folks. The game is currently in beta mode (third revision) but has great playability so far. Keep an eye out for future additions to this great release.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/zelda-2417.html

Action Games for your BlackBerry | Back to Top
20000 Feet and Falling(registration required)
In this game you take command of a team of elite skydivers. Help guide your dare devils towards completing intricate formations before you hit the ground.

Download Link |http://www.hovr.com/site/games.asp?game_id=12320070424268904

Asteroid Zone

Another port of Asteroids for your BlackBerry.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/asteroids-1235.html

Atlantika is a fighting game based on some kind of former hit tv show in the Philippines.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/atlantika-2006.html

The objective in this game is to guide your balloon through a series of obstacles and fatal traps to collect special items. The more you collect the higher your score.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/balloon-1513.html

You are a spaceship pilot who is stranded on earth. Collect special items and fuel crystals to bring back to your spaceship.
Cheat: 1234568* – skip level

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/ballon-1311.html

Challenge your friends or play randomly generated monster battles in this addictive game. The goal here is to breed the ultimate monster!

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/battlemonsters-1348.html

Black Star
You are trapped in the black star space and surrounded by many alien ships. You must kill all of the enemy ships in order to win the challenge.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/black-star-1482.html

Bomber is very similar to the classic game BomberMan. You must throw bombs at your enemies and run away to a safe distance.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/bomber-1210.html

Line up your fighter against a number of creative opponents and see who the victor is!

This game requires off-site activation to get full access: http://www.drhu.org/game.php?url=login.php&product=Bonze

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/bonze-1907.html

A pick 3 or more blocks of the same color type game. The screen is filling up with blocks, you must be fast to remove same colored blocks and bring them crashing down.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/breakdown-1841.html

In BurgerEmpire you take on the role of Alyssa after opening a new burger joint. Feed your customers well and you will be able to expand your restaurant.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/burgerempire-1636.html

A vertical shooter featuring three long levels and a boss battle for each. Collect power ups along the way to increase your weapons and life while destroying the enemy.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/contraflow-1825.html

Curling Challenge
Curling is a great Canadian game. If you are not familiar with this sport, go Google it and then come back and download the game to play it on your BlackBerry.

Download Link |http://www.magmic.com/sasktel/dl/CurlingChallenge.zip

DagazEhwaz is Breakout times ten!. 10 different block styles, 25 challenging levels. Get more information about controls and power ups here: http://www.xdebugx.net/xdebugx/dag.htm

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/dagazehwaz-1796.html

A port of the classic PG game DOOM.

enter 1234568* to skip to the next level, enter 20042005 to enable godmode, enter 20040518 to jump right to the finish, and 12121212 to activate first aid.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/doom-1310.html

Duum is a Wolf3D clone for play on your BlackBerry.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/duum-1381.html

Driving Mania
Driving Mania is a very addictive and fun game of driving. The objective of this game is to drive the car carefully for collecting goodies as many as possible without hitting the other cars or the other vehicles. Be careful! You have to complete each level with the given time. Use the up arrow (2) to speed up the car, and do not forget to pick up health packs to increase your lives.

If you are into driving games, this is one to check out for sure. You must drive carefully and pick up special items along the way without hitting any of the other vehicles on the road. Each level has a time limit so hurry up, and be sure to grab the health packs to gain extra lives.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/driving-mania-1517.html

Eliminator Elite
You are the ELIMINATOR, a code named super spy. Use your training to infiltrate hostile buildings and avoid being killed by enemy firepower. Make sure not to kill any civilians. You will lose immediately if you get shot too may times or hit 3 civilians. Oh — you also die if you run out of ammo.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/eliminator-elite-2493.html

Enemies mixes action styled game play with strategy styled elements. You control four characters and battle throughout nine levels of play.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/enemies-1802.html

There are twenty five levels in this action based game. You will be responsible for guiding the alien entity that can change its shape and behavior. The game is difficult, but not impossible so keep at it.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/theentity-1442.html

Fight a number of bad guys in FightClub to see if you have what it takes to be the biggest and baddest of them all!

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/fightclub-1852.html

Galactic Attack
Galactic Attack is a fast-paced space shooter. It features multiple levels, power-ups, crisp color graphics, and easy to use controls.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/galactic-attack-1368.html

In J2SushiMiaou you are Miaou cat and you are trying to capture all the Samourai Sushi Sashimi that have invaded your world. Enjoy this fun shootem up arcade game.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/j2sushimiaou-1392.html

In this platformer, you will control “LittleBlue” while collecting a specific number of coins and power ups, then finding a check point for each level.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/littleblue-1303.html

In this platformer, you will control “LittleRed” while collecting a specific number of coins and power ups, then finding a check point for each level.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/littlered-1885.html

Mobile Cobra Strike
In this game you will have to defeat as many enemy tanks as possible before the lead ship makes an appearance. Your weapons include both missiles and machine guns, but I would save the missiles for the bosses.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/mobile-cobra-strike-%28a%29-1341.html

You are Pistachio, a lone monkey battling against a gang of penguins. Drop bombs to clear a path to the final tile of each level (it will be flashing). Avoid the polar bear at all costs.


Quick Download

Code 5075

Pacman White Ninja
I am not sure what this is, but it has two of my favorite words in the title – Pacman and Ninja! Download it, how can it be anything but awesome?

Download Link |http://blackberryforums.pinstack.com/local_links.php?action=jump&id=466&catid=2

Raupe ab!
There is an island. There is a dyke. The dyke is breaking and the island is in danger. It is your job to bring stones with your bulldozer to try and stop the flooding.

The dyke is breaking! You must bring the stones with your bulldozer to the breaks to prevent the flooding of the island. You have to push the stones into the breaking dyke to repair it.

Picking up the power ups and performing special tasks will earn you more points.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/raupe-ab%21-1853.html

The classic game…

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/robots-1380.html

RV Pile-UP
Help keep your family alive in this vacation survival game. Drive your RV through desserts, mountains and forests avoiding various obstacles.

Download Link |http://www.sonypictures.com/mobile/rv/game/

In this game you will help a Fairy Butterfly move around and use her magic powder. Ahlem is an Arabic name which loosely translates into “Dreaming of an Ideal World”

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/sakurahlem-1631.html


A fun game pitting you against a bunch of UFOs in a winner takes all battle.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/shot-2446.html

Inspired by the game that inspired the movie… or whatever… The basic idea of Tronix is to try and block the other players into as small a space as possible and avoid running into walls.


Quick Download

Code: 275

Weapons of Mass Construction!(registration required)
Not sure what this one is all about, but assume you get to break a bunch of stuff with your Weapons of Mass Construction!

Download Link |http://www.hovr.com/site/games.asp?game_id=13020070496707807

Xing Digger (ads)
In this game you are an industrious digger who is on the hunt for gold. There are a large number of enemies who are going to try and stop you from getting that gold. Adapt your strategy to the unique challenges presented by each level. Get all the gold and exit the level through the gate in the bottom right. Remember that you can’t destroy the enemies, just avoid them.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/xing-digger-1640.html

Zombie Buster (ads supported)
In this game you take on the role of a police officer and your friend who are helping to rid someones house of dreaded zombies. The objective is to shoot all of the zombies. Be careful to save your ammo and not shoot your friends.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/zombie-buster-1488.html

Adventure Games for your BlackBerry | Back to Top
Age Of Dragons
Age Of Dragons is a Real Time Strategy game for your BlackBerry where the player controls the great dragons in a battle against the mystical phoenix.

Download Link |http://genergabasa.php0h.com/

Asteroid Jane 1
You are Asteroid Jane. Your friend Fritter has been kidnapped and it is up to you to rescue him. Fight your way through 50 engaging levels, using power ups along the way, to ultimately find the Star Emerald.

Download Link |http://downloads.cnet.co.uk/0,39100207,39251076s,00.htm

This is a mobile port of the hit fantasy series of the same title.

While traveling through the world of Encantadia you will visit four kingdoms and fight mystical creatures associated with each. Find all the power ups and rule each kingdom.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/encantadia-1416.html

In Knights you control a young boy named Sam. Sam hopes he can be the best knight of all time, but he must first complete a journey to the path of ruins. Help Sam complete his journey towards becoming a knight by battling monsters with spells through 8 different levels.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/knights-1317.html

A fun game for play on the BlackBerry which will teach you all about stars and the universe. Also includes an small dictionary of facts about the universe.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/sideralis-1658.html

Sinfah’s Lair
Help out a stranded space explorer stuck on a planet ruled by robots. Find Sinfah (the ruler of the robots) and defeat him in battle. Only then will our hero learn the secrets of this world and be able to return home.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/sinfah%27s-lair-1301.html

Puzzle Games for your BlackBerry | Back to Top
Like the push tile puzzle to reveal the image. Only the image is an animation. This makes the game trickier as you must watch the animation to see how the tiles should be arranged.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/animatedpuzzle-1842.html

This is a classic slide puzzle which breaks apart an image of a baby and asks you to rearrange the pieces until the image is whole again.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/baba-2445.html

Bubblet is a small puzzle game. You can move a cursor across the screen and dissolve fields that have at least one neighboring field with the same color. If you dissolve fields, all fields above that position will fall down. However, there is a Highscore. For two contiguous fields the Score is 2, for 3 its 9, for 4 it’s 16 – you get the Idea. If there are no more neighboring fields the game is over and your high score is saved.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/bubblet-1237.html

BlockGame is based on Netscape’s online Block Breaker. Surprisingly addictive.

Move your cursor to select a color block and press “fire” or “5″ to remove blocks. You can only remove blocks when two or more of the same color blocks are adjacent to each other.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/blockgame-1234.html

Drop Off
Move the ball and guide it through holes in the lines. Test your reflexes.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/dropoff-1798.html

FruitSquash is a revolutionary new puzzle game.

Match the fruits up and then pulp them in to new squash flavors. Rotate the rows of fruit around to create blocks of 3 or more matching fruit. Once matched they will start to flash. Pulp the flashing fruit with the squasher to create a new fruit squash flavor.

This is a highly original puzzle game and as such it may take 2 or 3 attempts to work out exactly how it works – stick with it as you will be rewarded in the end with an addictive game that you wont be able to put down! For full game play information, please visit www.fruitsquash.co.uk

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/fruitsquash-1429.html

A great mobile version of the popular game Hangman for your BlackBerry. With over 1500 words spanning 10 categories you are sure to be kept busy.



Code: 1102

In this game you will have to shade squares so that each number does not appear in any row or column more than once. Additionally you will have to ensure that the shaded squares do not touch each other either horizontally or vertically. All unshaded squares must form a single continuous area.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/hitori-1727.html

In MovBlocks you must rearrange colored blocks into the correct order after they have been scrambled.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/movblocks-1402.html

The ultimate goal in M-Shift is to move numbers on a grid into their correct position. The trick is that each number can only be moved in one direction and not all numbers can be moved at all times.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/m-shift-1851.html

A unique puzzle game based on nature.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/nature-2448.html

Rotate the pipe segments to connect every piece on the board. With randomly generated puzzles, and auto save and resume, it is easy to pick up and play any board at any time.

New in version 1.1.2: Press the * and # keys to zoom in and out. Now you can play huge boards even if they don’t fit on your screen.


Quick Download

Code 6025

Now supports phones with pointing device! A mind bending tile puzzle game. The more puzzles you solve, the more pictures will be made available. Choose up to 3 grid sizes which makes the game more challenging to play. Beat the top time in every skill level!

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/puzzlescene-1354.html

The objective in Quick is to solve each of the unlimited number of puzzles by shifting blocks into their correct positions on a grid. Easy to pick up and highly addictive.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/quick-1883.html

Rabbit Guess
Rabbit Guess is a very addictive game in the puzzle genre. With more than 100 levels there is a lot to keep you busy. In each round you will have to guess which hat the rabbit is under. The further you progress, the trickier it gets. Good luck!

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/rabbit-guess-1520.html

In this game you will have to select groups of colored tiles (same color) and remove them from the game board. Tiles can be cleared if they are touching in either a horizontal or vertical line. A bonus is added if the board is completely cleared.

High score can be sent to the server from your phone.
You can check up on the top scores and recent score uploads at http://www.peregin.hu/games/same/score.jsp

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/samecolors-1524.html

Sameness in a clone of the classic puzzler “Same Game”. The objective is to remove groups of balls from the grid which are all the same colors. Any balls of the same color that are touching the selected ball will be removed. The level is complete when you have no more groupings of two or more balls of the same color.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/sameness-1323.html

An original puzzle game where you have to finish each level by “shrinking” it.
When you click on a tile, all similarly colored tiles adjacent to it will be flooded, then as they disappear all the remaining tiles will shrink.

When all tiles have disappeared the level is clear and the next one is loaded, but if you reach a dead point the same level is started again.

Beware of the time limit; if you don’t finish a level in time your game is over.

There are 3 worlds to complete, each having 10 levels which progressively increase in challenge. Flood and Shrink behavior changes in each world

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/shrink-1902.html

The objective of this game is to connect the various counters on the spinning game board.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/spinfour-1813.html

Stack Match
Stack Match is very similar to Mahjong. You will be given one tile set with three variations on arrangement. The objective is to remove the tiles as quickly as possible by matching pairs and clicking on them. Remember that the Zodiac signs and the Death sign tiles match up with one another.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/stack-match-1489.html

Tiles Collector(ads)
The objective of this game is to capture as many numbered tiles as possible, trying not to box yourself in. The game is over when you are boxed in and can no longer move your target. Tiles Collector is easy to pick up and very addictive. Enjoy.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/tc-1521.html

Word Search 2
A simple word search game that will have you scouring the screen and finding the hidden words. You will see a new game and word list every time you play.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/wordsearch20-1799.html

Strategy Games for your BlackBerry | Back to Top
3D Tic-Tac-Toe
3D Tic Tac Toe is similar to traditional Tic Tac Toe but with 3 boards to fill. Play until all spots are filled and the player with the most three in a row combinations wins the game.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/3dttt-1843.html

Aquaclownfish is a virtual pet game where you raise clown fish amongst the coral. Ensure that they are happy and healthy as time passes by.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/aquaclownfish-1923.html

Artillery is very simmilar to a popular game called Scorched Earth. You set the angle of your attack and the power of the blast. The objective is to destroy your opponents before you are destroyed yourself.


Quick Download

Code: 7282

An addictive strategy game including many different photos of Mayan ruins amongst the various levels of game play.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/asquare-1757.html

Azi’s Turbo Worm
Turbo Worm is a Snake clone with a few added bonuses. In this game you are able to save your progress at any point in time. With ever increasing difficulty as you move up in the levels, you will be glad to be able to save your progress and come back to it whenever you like.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/azi%27s-turbo-worm-1947.html

B9 is a game that will teach you how to care for a young child. Your main duties will be to keep them healthy and happy, changing their clothes, feeding them and bathing them.

So yeah — think NintenDOGS but with kids.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/b9-1551.html

The classic game where you pick a shot power and angle in order to destroy all other tanks. Very similar to the popular game Scorched Earth.

If you have problems launching the game, try setting Map Size to “S”.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/battleground-1485.html

Bombs (minesweeper clone)
Yet another MineSweeper clone.

Download Link |http://www.mobilerated.com/bombs-1312.html

BombSweeper (MineSweeper)
BombSweeper is also a clone of the popular MineSweeper game for your PC.


Quick Download

code 3254.

Busy Fish(ads)
Busy fish is a game for your BlackBerry which is modeled on a classic console game called Shove It! Essentially, the objective is to place various corals onto specific targets. As you progress through the levels you will find they increase in difficulty. Good thing there is a sa…